The Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta May Arrive Much Sooner Than You'd Expect

Samsung is allegedly already working internally on its next-generation update for Galaxy devices, namely One UI 5.0 based on Android 13, and it could arrive much sooner than later. That’s according to recent reports detailing sources purportedly close to the matter. And, in fact, the update has reportedly already arrived for employees at the company.

The timeframe for the update more widely, conversely, is said to be within the next three weeks. That could potentially mean that end-users outside of Samsung’s internal network will be able to try out Android 13 soon. Possibly before the end of July. Although the public release isn’t expected until October.

That is, of course, assuming everything goes smoothly with internal testing and no firmware-breaking bugs need to be squashed.

What’s in Samsung One UI 5.0 Beta?

In terms of what’s contained in One UI 5.0 — Beta or otherwise — Samsung is still keeping that tightly under wraps. The changes are expected to build on Android 12-based One UI 4.1 and its foldable-specific counterpart. However, as noted already, the firmware will also make the leap from Android 12 to Android 13. And that should bring significant changes in its own right.

Google expects to launch Android 13 in its final form sometime between August and September. Among the bigger changes found in the upcoming variant, are fresh enhancements with a new theming engine that’s better suited to Material You. Including a wider array of color choices and more granular control over those. Google has also designed a new volume picker, slated for arrival with the update. As well as other visual tweaks.

Under the hood, Android 13 also packs in a new Notifications permission to help end-users manage those. And there’s a new “Phantom Process Killer” meant to cut off background apps. Google designed that explicitly to limit what and how many things an app can doing the background. But it will also help tamp down on apps that are draining the battery too quickly due to background processes.

Samsung will undoubtedly include those updates and others found in Android 13 when it launches One UI 5.0. It’s unknown how many of the changes will be seen in the public beta initially.


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