Watch your toes. Snapchat’s new lens turns the ground into hot lava

Snapchat's latest AR technology brings the childhood hot lava game to real life -- or at least to a smartphone. READ SOURCE

What does it take to make a social media network that doesn’t exploit users?

A few months ago, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales launched a new platform called WikiTribune Social – or WT:Social for short. Unlike Facebook, the Wikipedia social network isn’t designed to generate profit by leveraging...

TikTok’s popularity with teens has a side effect: Parental controls

In an effort to curb how much time younger people spend on TikTok, the popular app just rolled out new parental controls that allow adults to set how long their kids can use...

OkCupid adds new climate change questions to help you filter out deniers

OkCupid will match you based on your relationship with Mother Nature READ SOURCE

A crash course on how to make a meme and win over the internet

If you’re on social media, you probably know what an internet meme is. Still, for the uninitiated, a meme is a funny picture that goes viral on the web. They come in various forms,...

Google again removes ToTok messaging app from Play Store

Google reinstated ToTok in early January, but a few days ago removed it from its app store for a second time. READ SOURCE

South by Southwest

South by Southwest may have started as a film and music festival, but these days it’s the Interactive portion that draws geeks, entrepreneurs and social-media moguls from all over the country. From new...

Secret Oops makes its AR debut on Apple Arcade

Game studio MixedBag is unveiling its Secret Oops augmented reality game today on Apple Arcade. The AR title is the fourth AR game on...

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