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Call to limit use … in break time only

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: Calls were launched via Twitter by its users to prevent government employees from using their smartphones during official working hours, on the grounds that some of them are more preoccupied with their phones than in performing their duties, reports Al-Nahar daily. However, legal sources affirmed that there is no law obligating the ministry or entity to prevent its employees from using their personal phones in the workplace. Reactions rejecting this call were based on their opinion that such a measure is an attack on personal freedom.

However, there is no law or decision that allows this measure to be taken. As for the advocates, they called for setting controls so that the use of mobile phones is limited only during the break time or the absence of clients, given that mobile phones have become an integral part of daily life. They also called to allow the use of mobile phones only for necessary matters, and prevent the use of gaming sites or applications during working hours


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