Winners and losers in the 2022 UK car market

2021 market share: 0.01%, 2022 market share: 0.06%

The next Polestar or the next Infiniti? We’d bet the Koreans will get it right in the end, but a range of largely ICE models isn’t the ideal place to start.

Honda – down

2021 market share: 1.63%, 2022 market share: 1.62%

The good news is Honda has kept its share. The bad news is the UK now takes over 60% of Honda’s European sales. Is Europe still viable for it?

Hyundai – up

2021 market share: 4.23%, 2022 market share: 5.09%

A sharp recovery this year, helped by rising Tucson and Kona sales. Its share is very respectable – except junior brand Kia’s is even higher.

Jaguar – down

2021 market share: 1.15%, 2022 market share: 0.76% 

The I-Pace may finish the year as Jaguar’s best-seller. It was meant to be the spearhead of Jaguar’s electric future, but it has been waiting four years for reinforcements to arrive.

Jeep – down

2021 market share: 0.27%, 2022 market share: 0.15% 

Alfa Romeo’s sister brand in more ways than one. Great heritage, high awareness and microscopic market share.

Kia – up


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