Via Transportation launches Remix Scheduling – Mass Transit Magazine

Via Transportation launched Remix Scheduling, which provides transit agencies with an intelligent scheduling tool to make efficient decisions for their community’s transit operations in just a few clicks.

Via launched Remix Scheduling to help agencies remain resilient in the modern era of public transportation, one that includes driver shortages, evolving data reporting regulations and unpredictable travel patterns brought on by remote work.

The dynamic platform proposes multiple scheduling options in minutes, which allows planners to implement efficient routes and rosters. The company says this simplifies driver schedules and assignments and supports nimble networks that can change as a community does.

Remix Scheduling also supports agencies in compliance with new federal regulations for standard data reporting. Starting in 2023, U.S. transit agencies must publish their data in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format, so it can be accessed publicly, including apps that help riders with transit planning. GTFS data improves rider experience because it includes information like schedules and fares, as well as real time information on vehicle positions and service advisories.

Via notes several benefits of Remix Scheduling, including:

  • Easy to learn interface
  • Multiple options and insights for quick evaluation
  • A single, collaborative platform

“Remix Scheduling is another step forward in Via’s vision to provide the global transit industry with an end-to-end digital infrastructure to make planning, implementation and operations more efficient and equitable for all types of communities,” said Nithya Sowrirajan, chief product officer at Via Transportation.

The launch is Via’s second major product introduction since it acquired Remix in March 2021 and follows the introduction of On-Demand Planning.  


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