Startups make the best of waste in battle against plastic – Hindustan Times

Creativity is the hallmark of this waste-side story with some startups churning out items of daily use like air-coolers, hand-carts from discarded plastic as well as drinking straws, biodegradable pens from coconut leaves. One such startup uses bamboo and fibres to replace plastic.

Some of these unique ideas for the replacement of plastic and its usage were on display at stalls at the ‘Uttar Pradesh plastic waste management conclave’. Several startups from across Uttar Pradesh and India attended the event.

“We are making 2D products and will soon switch to 3D models,” said the Ghaziabad-based Sakshi Jha who founded her startup with Sarfaraz Ali in 2017.

Sakshi said that the government has acknowledged her company many times, including chief minister Yogi Adityanath and Union minister Smriti Irani. She has managed thrice to find mention in the Asia Book of Records for creating the world’s biggest keyboard, charkha and Ludo.


Fousul Haque’s Bengaluru-based company produces drinking straws and pens out of the dried fallen coconut leaves. Fousul, the company’s business head, said they solved problems with their biodegradable products.

“We use coconut leaves, an agri residue, that people generally burn. We also give employment to women in rural areas, solving one of the country’s major issues,” he said.

“We are fortunate to get all assistance from NABARD and other banks in funding and the UP government for their support,” he added.


Anubhav Mittal, an IIT-Delhi graduate and one of the co-founders of a Noida-based startup, uses bamboo and fibres, converting them into thermoplastic granules. These granules can be used in the machines which are used to manufacture plastics products.

“This is one of the best plastic replacements as it is a 100% compostable material. These granules can be used in polybag-making, bamboo bags, etc. As bamboo is readily available and an infinitely renewable source, we minimise plastic use and encourage the use of other biodegradable products.”


Another start-up ‘i assisting in cleaning premises near Banke Bihari shrine and areas near the bank of the Yamuna in Mathura- Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, which share the same municipal authority. They operate to collect, sort and recycle garbage.

“We are already serving in 12 cities throughout seven states, and we will soon be providing expertise to more areas,” said Bhuwan Kapri, key account manager of the startup.


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