Poll: Do you use a budgeting app to track your expenses?

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Budgeting for the month and for the future is a challenging endeavor for many people, but there’s no shortage of budgeting apps on offer to help track your expenses.

Do you use these budgeting apps in the first place, though? That’s the topic of today’s featured poll. So give us your answer via the poll below and leave a comment if you’d like to share more details (e.g. your preferred budgeting app).

Do you use a budgeting app to track your expenses?

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We can see why you’d prefer to use a budgeting app, as it can definitely make life easier if you struggle to keep abreast of bills and other expenses. Some apps also offer handy features like syncing across devices and the ability to share budget info with others.

Then again, you might find that you’re perfectly happy using a Google Sheet, Google Keep note, or physical notes. I can also see some people being skeptical of sharing personal data such as budget info with an app.


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