OSHP gives alternative, safe transportation for New Years Eve celebrations – WTAP

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – Drive sober or get pulled over is a message that many see or hear in their everyday life.

Some may see that quote more around the holidays. Local law enforcement asks that you do your part in keeping the roads safe.

Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Sgt. Dustin Payne asks that all who plan to drink for New Years Eve to simply plan ahead.

“The biggest tip we can give to anybody is just to plan ahead. That’s the smartest thing you could do. So if you’re planning on going out, which we strongly encourage everyone to do, but you have to be responsible when you do it so always try to have a DD, always be that responsible friend that’s not drinking to make sure you’re getting everyone home. There is cabs in the area. We have Lyft in the area,” Sgt. Payne said.

The decisions that you make that you think could be harmless can result in damage that lasts a lifetime.

“If you get caught for drunk driving it can come with not only a financial burden but can also be a burden emotionally on your family and other families involved,” Sgt. Payne said.


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