Kanjhawala accused knew woman was under car –

In a significant revelation in the Kanjhawala case, in which a woman died after being dragged for several kilometres by a car, Delhi Police sources said that the accused were aware of Anjali being trapped under their car within minutes after her scooty was hit by them.

“The accused in the car did not take Anjali out because the accused were afraid that if they got down from the car and took Anjali out, they might get into legal trouble if someone saw them,” said the Delhi Police sources.

The accused told about their dilemma during their interrogation with the Delhi Police, however, the police say that there is a contradiction in their statements, so every angle is being investigated closely.

The six accused will be produced in court on Monday after the Rohini Court on Saturday granted bail to the seventh accused, Ankush, in the hit and drag case in outer Delhi’s Sultanpuri area.

Ankush is the seventh accused arrested in the case.

Delhi Police have alleged that he is the person who conspired with the other accused after the incident he helped the other accused flee by arranging an auto.Delhi Police on Friday arrested Ashutosh, the sixth suspect in connection with the January 1 incident.

In CCTV visuals, Ashutosh is seen talking to the accused two hours after the incident took place.


According to Delhi Police, CCTV visuals show that at 4:07 am one of the accused arrived to meet Ashutosh and later Ashutosh is seen going in and out of his house several times.The police believe that the accused who arrived is none other than Ankush, who is the seventh accused.

On Thursday, the Special Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Delhi Police Sagar Preet Hooda had said that Ashutosh and Ankush Khanna – were friends of the five arrested earlier and had tried to protect the accused. The duo has also been accused of tampering with evidence and misleading the police.

Delhi Police officials said: “In the new CCTV visuals, Ankush is also talking to someone on the phone. Ankush was talking to the accused on the phone. Ashutosh is last seen on CCTV walking towards his home at 4:52 am.”

According to the police, at 4.42 am Ashutosh left the house wearing a jacket and returned at around 4:52 am,” police said.

The Delhi Police are interrogating Ashutosh to find out where the accused went during those 10 minutes and the conversation between them.

The Delhi Police said on Friday that Ashutosh had been arrested.

“In the Sultanpuri case, the sixth accused Ashutosh has been arrested who had given false information to the police. Further investigation is on,” the Special Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Delhi Police Sagar Preet Hooda said today.

Five accused in the case- Deepak Khanna, Amit Khanna, Krishan, Mithun and Manoj Mittal were first arrested in the case. The five were driving the car that they borrowed from Ashutosh.

A total of 18 teams of Delhi Police are investigating the case. During the interrogation, it was found that the car was driven by Amit Khanna and not by Deepak. “We are trying to file the charge sheet as early as possible. During the post-mortem, no evidence of sexual assault was found,” the Special CP said.

According to the police, the statement of eyewitness Nidhi has been recorded and no link has been found between the eyewitness and the accused.

“We can only give a statement if she was drunk or not only after the post-mortem report, it does not have relevance to this case, as it is a case under section 304 of the IPC,” informed Special CP Hooda.


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