As per a new report, some new accessibility features are now live for the Zoom app that now lets you pin or spotlight multiple videos during the video calls.

Some accessibility features have been added to make it more efficient. This would help individuals who are deaf, hearing-impaired or have visual impairments.

As spotted by Mashable, the new Zoom app adds the ability to pin multiple videos. Note that until now, it was allowed to pin only a single video.

Now, this would enable hearing-impaired people to pin a sign language interpretation video on one side and continue with the video meetings.

However, note that only nine-people from the video call will be able to pin multiple videos. So, there is still not much flexibility for large group meetings.

Besides, the users will be able to place the pinned video anywhere on the screen as per their convenience. Notably, the host of the video can also spotlight the video that is more important than others.

But now, you can spotlight multiple videos on the Zoom app. So, you have an eye on the most important videos among the others. This is also constrained to up to nine videos.

Zoom app accessibility features also allow changing caption text size

The current Gallery view on the Zoom app is also getting a revamp. Users will now be able to re-arrange the videos as per their convenience.

Apparently, you can now change the position of the videos during the meeting, rather than having a fixed order. This would also allow streamers to keep important videos as prominent as required.

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Interestingly, all these Zoom app accessibility features are available on the app since August 31. The Zoom app also gets improved keyboard shortcuts and screen reading interface.

Besides, these changes would enable visually impaired people to navigate through the controls more easily. There is one more improvement in the Zoom app for the visually impaired.

The captions feature of the app is getting some tweaks. Basically, now the users will be able to adjust the size of the caption text. However, the live caption feature is still missing from the Zoom app.

Albeit there are options for manually typing in the captions or use third-party services like for automatic transcriptions via a new API.

All in all, these new Zoom app accessibility features would give more flexibility in terms of usage for the hearing or visually imparied individuals.

The update is already live with all the features. You can check out the features on your Zoom app right away.



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