YouTube Adds New Guided Support Process for Community Guidelines Violations

YouTube’s looking to provide more guidance for creators who’ve been hit with guideline violations via a new, more detailed reporting process that will take them through the specifics of the issue with their content, and what they can do to resolve it.

YouTube guided policy process

As you can see in this example, the updated process will provide more information on the specifics of each violation, and what it means for the visibility and monetization of your content, before taking you through the next steps of how you can resolve the issue.

YouTube guided policy process

The review process specifies the element in question, and then enables creators to update the clip to address the noted concern/s.

YouTube guided policy process

The last element provides an easy way for creators to ask for a second review, if they feel the report was incorrect, while they can also add additional contextual info for YouTube in relation to the violation reported.

It’s a good update, with many YouTube creators expressing frustration at the platform’s current reporting process, which has seen a lot of videos penalized incorrectly. Violations are also reported via a general email template that offers little insight on specifics.

YouTube guided policy process

YouTube’s automated detection systems are always improving, and are helping it to clean up its platform in various ways, and this new, guided system will cater to the opposite side of that push, by giving creators a more direct line to understanding each violation, and what they can do about it.

The guided policy process will be available to all creators on the desktop version of YouTube Studio, and will be accessible for all strikes, video removals and age restriction violations to begin with.

YouTube says that the option is being rolled out from this week, and will be available to all by the end of the month. Which is pretty much the end of the week.


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