Every PS5 owner who has been hoping for a black DualSense controller is going to get their wish soon. Because Sony just announced that it’s officially launching two new colors of the DualSense controller.

One of those new colors is called Midnight Black, and PS5 owners can pick up the new DualSense controller option pretty soon. Sony is also introducing a new color called Cosmic Red. Both of these new colors are inspired by the wonders of space. Though not entirely in the same way.

Sony says the Midnight Black color is inspired by how people “view space through the night sky.” Meanwhile the Cosmic Red color is inspired by “the unique vivid shades of red found in the cosmos.” Each controller has its own dual-tone design. The black controller actually features two slightly different shades of black with light gray accents.

The Cosmic Red features a deep, yet brightly hued red for the top layer. And then a black for the area that houses the joysticks just below the touch pad.

You can pick up a black or red DualSense controller starting next month

Sony hasn’t officially launched these new color options for the DualSense, but it does confirm that both colors will be available next month. They will also go on sale globally. Which means they’ll be available anywhere PS5 consoles are sold.

What Sony does not mention is exact release dates, availability, or prices. The company says these will vary by location, so it’s leaving it up to the consumer to check with local retailers. Speaking of which, the new controller colors will be available through Sony’s retail partners.

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So expect to see them at Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, Target, and others if you’re in the US. While Sony doesn’t mention any of the release or price information in its blog post, it is listed at PlayStation Direct where you can already pre-order both controllers.

The Midnight Black will be available for $69.99 just like the white DualSense controllers. The Cosmic Red will be $74.99. Both will also ship on June 11 if you buy from Sony. Prices and ship dates could change depending on where you buy. And if you wait too long, you may end up seeing these pop up on Amazon and other retailers from third-party sellers with higher prices.

At the moment, PlayStation Direct seems to be the only retailers that has them. But there’s no telling when the new colors might go out of stock.

DualSense Controller – Midnight Black

DualSense Controller – Cosmic Red



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