You'll Soon Be Able To Repair Your Galaxy Foldable At Best Buy

We all know that Samsung is best friends with Best Buy, as the retail store makes a lot of space for Galaxy products. Now, according to a new report from Samsung, Best Buy is now an authorized service center for Samsung products; it can even repair foldable Samsung phones.

This won’t be for all Best Buy stores, but the number is expected to rise

Best Buy stores will be doing the repairs through certified Geek Squad specialists. This service is something that’s going to be rolling out gradually, it seems. According to the report, over 100 Best Buy stores will be able to do repairs starting in November.

100 obviously doesn’t account for every Best Buy store, so the repairs most likely target stores that either get the most traffic or the most Samsung-specific traffic. Since Samsung phones are ubiquitous, the number of stores is expected to increase.

Best Buy can repair Samsung phones, but not all of them

Even though Best Buy will be able to repair Samsung phones, it won’t be able to repair just any phone. Understandably, older Galaxy devices will be left in the dust. You will be able to repair Galaxy S phones as old as the S8. As for the Notes, they can fix phones as old as the Note8.

Even though there is a limitation, that’s still a pretty good range of Galaxy devices. Just earlier this year, Samsung stopped software support for the Galaxy S8 series, so it’s refreshing to see that the company hasn’t forgotten about that phone.

What’s really neat is that customers will be able to have their foldable phones repaired in-store. What’s neater is that even first-generation Galaxy Fold devices can be repaired (you know, those devices that were broken by single grains of dirt).

This is significant for those users because most of them probably have their broken models just sitting at home. This even includes devices as new as the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Despite the limitations, there’s good news

If you’re wondering what the employees will be able to repair, they can do a fair amount. It should be no shock that they can replace screens. But they can also repair the back glass, replace batteries, replace ports, and repair cameras.
While you will be getting your device repaired if it’s in warranty, you can also get it repaired when it’s out of warranty.

This is great because, if they can fix devices as old as the S8, they’re going to be running into customers with expired warranties. We also can’t rule out people who bought their phones second-hand.


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