Google Play Music is officially dead as of December and now the time has come to transfer or download your music library.

That’s because, as has been widely reported, all of that data will be gone as of tomorrow. The search giant is now issuing its final email to users of the previous Google music service with details on the matter.

What does this mean for you and do you still have time?

The email sent out by Google to subscribers doesn’t go into too much detail about the reasons for the shutdown. In effect, it informs users that as of February 24, 2021, it will delete their Play Music data. And then it goes on to provide links for transferring data or, at the very least, downloading the data.

For those who have already transferred their data but were still using the app, Google has other advice. Namely, any changes inadvertently made to playlists, owned-music, etc will not automatically have been made to YouTube Music. So users will need to go through the entire transfer process again. Albeit, only if they’ve made any such changes in Google Play Music.

Are there good alternatives to Google Play Music?

Now, this imminent app death has been a long time coming and there are already plenty of recommendable alternatives.

Not least of all is YouTube Music, which the email mentioned above is prompting users to transfer their data to. That is effectively Google’s replacement, with the company moving all such media under the YouTube brand. But users will want to get that done quickly if they plan to do it at all.

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As noted above, Google will delete all of the associated Google Play Music data tomorrow. So anybody who hasn’t will want to navigate to the app or to their email for further instructions today.



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