Storing your PS5 games on external hard drives is finally possible. Should you have been looking to make room for new games that you wanted to play. The feature is part of an update to the PS5 that Sony pushed out for the month of April, which just recently hit the console. Sony made it possible to move some of your PS5 games from the internal SSD to an external hard drive. If you have one.

But one thing needs to be made clear. You cannot play these games after transferring them over to the external drive. The feature is only meant to help you free up some internal storage space. That way you have room for new games you may want to download.

You can however play any of your PS4 games from an external hard drive. As this has been available from the very beginning of the PS5’s launch.

Transferring PS5 games to and from external drives should be quick

Sony says that while you can’t play the PS5 games you move over to an external drive, you should be able to transfer those games back quickly. Or at least, more quickly than installing games from a disc or downloading the files over the internet.

That may be some consolation for anyone that has had issues with storage space on the PS5. Though this is really just a temporary fix for low storage capacity.

The good thing is it doesn’t really impact gameplay much because you can still keep your game saves stored in the cloud. So you can freely swap around your games stored on the console as you please. Eventually, Sony will push an update that supports the internal expandable storage.

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The April update also includes a few other features

In addition to the storage feature Sony’s April update includes some other quality of life improvements to look out for.

For instance, there’s now an ability to search your game library for any of your purchased titles. And to help keep things a little more neat and tidy it’s now possible to hide games in your library. There’s also a couple of updates to voice chat-related features.

Players can now individually adjust the volume for other players. Say you’re in a party with a few of your friends and one of them is either too loud or too quiet. Now you can increase or decrease the volume of just that one person to a suitable level.

This update should be available for anyone with a PS5 as long as it’s connected to the internet.



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