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Xiaomi overtakes Apple in the second quarter of this month The world’s second largest smartphone vendor For the first time, did you know that the Chinese company is number one when it comes to electric scooters, or was it the first company to develop a smart rice cooker?

Last week I visited the only UK store that had a grand reopening on Saturday after being closed for over a year. I was asked to show “new products”, but the lineup was not smartphones, but electric scooters (see Tech Tools below), Wi-Fi routers, gaming monitors, and earphones. The store shelves were full of security cameras, smart lights, watches, fitness bands, and transparent TVs on display.

All this suggests that Xiaomi has a desire as a general consumer electronics brand, but its focus is still on challenging Samsung on mobile phones, a common factor in its product ecosystem. , All of them can be controlled by the smartphone app.

The company was just founded in 2010 and has made tremendous progress. Starting with free operating system software, we have started selling phones directly online. Currently, there are 1,000 physical stores worldwide, including 100 in Western Europe, with the goal of opening 10,000 stores in China alone by the end of the year.

Smartphone sales increased 83% in the second quarter, with the next goal being to compete with Apple and Samsung in the premium category. Xiaomi is making a profit From Huawei sanctions, there are other Chinese rivals. “If Oppo and Vivo share the same purpose, it will be a tough battle,” says an analyst at Canalys Research Company. “And both are willing to spend a lot of money on marketing on the line to build the brand in ways that Xiaomi doesn’t.”

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The battle is expanding geographically, and Xiaomi is opening more stores and trying to increase its share in markets such as the United Kingdom.There are also many sub-brands like Redmi and they are looking at themselves Take advantage of “AI IoT” — Intelligent Internet of Things smart home products. This is driving sales and branding as customers buy add-ons as products increasingly talk to each other and understand what you are saying to them.The new air fryer cooks chips if you say it, and the Wi-Fi cooker softens the grains Introduced It dates back to 2016.

Internet of Things (5)

1. Bezos offers NASA discounts
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Offering to cover $ 2 billion At a cost in exchange for being awarded a NASA contract to help land astronauts on the Moon. April, NASA Select SpaceX for Elon Musk Quote budget constraints for the program.

2. Softbank’s Didi is in the red for $ 4 billion
The Vision Fund’s 20.1% stake in taxi app Didi Chuxing, which paid $ 11.8 billion in 2019, Now worth $ 7.8 billion Its market value has fallen by almost half after China’s regulatory pressure has hit Diddy’s business outlook.

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3. Oh Man: Crypto’has no inherent value’
Man Group, CEO of Man Group, the world’s largest listed hedge fund manager, said: Cryptocurrencies “have no inherent value” However, due to their violent price fluctuations, they are creating trading opportunities for his company. Luke Ellis was talking to FT’s Gary Silverman.He said that US regulators Fail to involve cryptocurrencies

4. IPO plan for buffalo delivery company
Ninja Van, a logistics group that uses motorcycles, boats and even buffalo to deliver 1.7 million parcels daily throughout Southeast Asia, Consider initial public offering As early as next year, after being valued at $ 1 billion.

5. Why Netflix is ​​moving to games
Online media companies use streaming technology to compete with Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud. Tim Bradshaw explains.. Netflix’s strategy is very similar to previous efforts by Hollywood studios such as Walt Disney and Warner Bros. to develop games based on franchises such as Batman, The Lord of the Rings, and Spider-Man.

Analyst line chart says Netflix was a hit "middle aged" In the US and Canada, the move to Netflix games has shown to come as growth slows in the largest markets.

Upcoming tech week

Monday: After the closing bell Tesla We plan to report record quarterly earnings.

Tuesday: It’s a big day for Big Tech’s bottom line. Apple Third-quarter revenue is expected to grow 26% as demand for the 5G iPhone remains strong. But the company warns that a global chip shortage will weigh on iPad and Mac sales this quarter. Google parents alphabet Second-quarter revenue is also expected to increase as we continue to benefit from the recovery in advertising spending that was previously hit by the pandemic. Microsoft Report Q4 earnings and chip makers AMD There are also results.Senate Judiciary Committee Hold a public hearing on Ransomware attack..

Wednesday: After the market closes Facebook The pandemic is expected to boost revenues in the second quarter, supported by advertising demand on social media platforms, as consumers spend more time shopping and online. Qualcomm, PayPal When Spotify I’ll report again.

Thursday: E-commerce giant Amazon We expect a surge in revenue in the second quarter, boosted by demand for cloud services and June’s annual Prime Day sales event.Trading app Robin hood It will be published.British telecommunications group BT There are intermediate results. Samsung Will provide details on how you posted Operating profit surged 53% In the second quarter of the previous year. Analysts believe the strong demand for memory chips could be explained, where profits offset the decline in sales and production delays in the smartphone business in India and Vietnam. Huawei Launched the long-awaited next-generation P series smartphone

Friday: In the UK, an industrial software company Aveva There is a transaction update.

Technical Tools — Mi Electric Coooter 3

This can limit the appeal of market leaders, as personal electric scooters are still illegal on UK roads The latest model of Xiaomi. 3 It features a battery range of up to 30km, a top speed of 25km / h, an “aerospace grade” aluminum body, pneumatic tires and new rear dual pad disc brakes. I was impressed with the mechanism that snaps back the handlebars and clips them to the rear wheels. It weighs 13 kg, the battery can be charged in just over 8 hours, and comes with headlights and an LCD display. The UK launch is scheduled for the end of the quarter and pricing has not yet been announced.

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Xiaomi shouts out smartphones and more in show-me stores Source link Xiaomi shouts out smartphones and more in show-me stores


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