Microsoft is showing off many of the details of its upcoming next-gen console in the lead up to that system’s holiday release. And one of the key new features it’s demonstrating is the Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume technology. This enables you to continue playing multiple games from a suspended save point. And since the Xbox Series X has backward compatibility, the feature works with existing games.

You can see Xbox Series X Quick Resume in action in the video above. The demo uses Xbox One games, and it has a person quickly hopping between each application. After a very short loading screen, the game picks up right where it left off previously. This works even as Microsoft moves the Xbox Series X from Forza Motorsport 7 to Ori and the Blind Forest to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and then to State of Decay 2.

Above: Xbox Series X Quick Resume in action.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Since this is using Xbox One games, we might see even faster loads for games optimized for Xbox Series X.

The reason this tech demo is so effective is because it doesn’t look or feel like a trick. Microsoft obviously spent a lot of time making this system work. And it’s exactly the kind of thing that makes a console worth having even in a world where a PC can play every Xbox first-party game. It also represents a serious improvement over the often frustrating and laggy operating system of the Xbox One.

For a family with a lot of different people using one system, Quick Resume could represent a major improvement in usability. It’s a substantial quality-of-life improvement that you can’t duplicate by spending a $1,500 on PC hardware.

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That said, I hope Microsoft finds a way to bring it to PC as well.



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