Our Xbox Series X restock tracker is ready to send you Twitter alerts in the new week with Target, Walmart and Best Buy the key stores in the US to watch – in that order. We expect to see the new Xbox console back in stock from Antonline soon, too, as the American retailer promises a next-gen console restock every week. 

When is the next Xbox Series X restock date and time?  To get advance notice, follow Matt Swider, our Xbox restock tracker:

Our Xbox Series X restock alerts look like this (for example):

Xbox Series X restock matt swider

(Image credit: Future)

There are four stores that could have an Xbox Series X restock this week. Antonline usually has the Microsoft console first – if it’s going to do an Xbox drop (sometimes the next-gen console on hand is part of a PS5 restock, though). The Xbox Series X Target restock date may be Wednesday, April 21; Walmart stock could be Thursday, April 22; and the Best Buy restock could wait until Friday, April 23 (an entire month since it last had console inventory).



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