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Xbox One Media Remotes still work with the Xbox Series X and S

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are undoubtedly impressive next-gen gaming machines, but Microsoft’s newfound focus on power and pure gaming led to some concessions in other areas, notably the omission of an IR receiver, and HDMI In and Optical ports. This makes the Xbox Series X and S amazing for gaming, but less capable as all-around entertainment centers. Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, took to Twitter today to reveal a very sneaky piece of Xbox Series X and S design information that shows not all of those axed features… are actually gone.

As it turns out, both the Xbox Series X and S still have IR receivers, meaning they’re still fully backwards compatible with the best Xbox One Media Remotes for easy and powerful media controls. The Xbox design team very cleverly hid the IR receiver behind the Bind button present on all Xbox consoles for pairing with wireless accessories, leading to many people believing at first that the feature was flat out missing. Instead, we still get to enjoy the benefits of an IR receiver, as well as a cleaner and more attractive look for the Xbox Series X and S.

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If you still intend on using your Xbox Series X or S as the hub for all your entertainment needs, an Xbox One Media Remote is a fantastic investment, with the best of them being none other than the PDP Talon Media Remote, by far the most superior option around, and at a surprisingly fantastic price.

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The best for Xbox

PDP Talon Media Remote

The Xbox One Media Remote for you.

Microsoft no longer sells their official Xbox One Media Remote, but the PDP Talon was already better in every single way, and comes in at a very attractive price that simply cannot be beaten. Now that it’s confirmed as being compatible with the Xbox Series X and S, you once again have a reason to add this one to your shopping list.



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