Xbox Game Streaming May Eventually Be Available With A Dongle

Xbox game streaming is already available a few different ways, but the Xbox team may be looking to make it available through a dongle in the near future.

According to Phil Spencer who spoke with Stratechery (spotted by TechRadar), it appears that Microsoft has even more bold ambitions for the future of Xbox. Cloud gaming was the first step in getting Xbox games (and games in general) into more hands than ever before.

Part of that mission it seems, involves a game streaming dongle that lets you to play Xbox games. This would allow players to easily plug the dongle into any TV just like a Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. You could then connect an Xbox controller to it and play games through the cloud.

An Xbox game streaming dongle would be bundled with a Game Pass subscription

Based on the information from the interview, Spencer says that the Xbox team has recently discussed offering more Game Pass subscription tiers.

Alongside the subscription, players would get a bundled streaming dongle shipped out to them. They’d also need to buy a controller, assuming they didn’t already have one that would be compatible.

These dongles, if they ever make it to market, would likely be bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Currently this is the only way to access the cloud gaming feature. So for $15 a month, you would get the same access to cloud gaming on mobile phones, as well as downloadable games on Xbox and PC. If this plan comes to fruition then you could also play on the TV via the new dongle.

Spencer didn’t confirm that this is something Xbox would be offering. As of right now it only seems to have been an idea that was discussed and is on the table.

It would however make playing Xbox games in the cloud a whole lot easier for some people. Those who may not have the money to buy an Xbox console could still play games on the TV as if they had one. So long as their internet connection was fast and reliable enough.

The new Game Pass tier could be called ‘Platinum’

Spencer says the additional Game Pass tier could be called Platinum. But this wouldn’t necessarily be entirely new.

Rather it would be more of a rebranding of Xbox All Access which Xbox already offers. According to Spencer it was discussed whether or not All Access should be “pitched” as Xbox Game Pass Platinum.

This would be the most expensive tier of the service. Though it would still essentially be All Access with a more streamlined name that matches the Game Pass offering. Which it would probably include, as All Access currently includes a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate.

Whether the name is changed to Platinum or not, players who subscribe to it would get to finance their console purchase, while also getting access to Game Pass Ultimate for cloud gaming.

Then they would not only get a new console, but the dongle to plug into a different TV or monitor in the home.


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