Wyze Buds Pro Earbuds Bring Compelling Features For Only $60

If you’re unfamiliar with the company Wyze, it’s a brand that manufactures Smarthome products and mobile accessories like smartwatches. The company has just announced its new truly wireless earbuds. They are called the Wyze Buds Pro, and they bring some really neat features that other, more expensive buds, don’t bring.

The Wyze Buds Pro offer ANC

The Wyze Buds Pro will bring some pretty enticing features that other companies charge more for. For starters, they have Active Noise Cancelation (ANC). This is a great feature to have on earbuds. Companies usually charge in the neighborhood of $100 for this addition. The ANC works for noise up to 40 dB.

On the other end of that spectrum, they also offer transparency mode. This uses the microphones to pass ambient audio through the earbuds. This is so that the user can hear what’s going on around them. As for the microphones, there are three mics on each of the earbuds.

They support wireless charging

Despite their low price tag, the Wyze Buds Pro will come with a wireless charging case. This definitely paints competitor brands in a bad light. For example, Amazon sells their Echo Buds 2 for the price of $99, but if you want to have a wireless charging case, the price jumps up to $119.

This also throws some serious shade at companies like Anker, whose Liberty Air earbuds don’t come with wireless charging at all, and they’re priced at the same $60.

The batteries in the Wyze Buds Pro will last you a day, but there’s a catch

All the features in the world mean nothing if the earbuds don’t last you a long time. Wyze advertises that their Buds Pro will last you about 4.5 hours per charge. There are 13.5 hours worth of charge in the case, so they will last you most of the day on a single charge including the case.

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Wyze also says that it’s possible to get a full 24 hours out of the earbuds, but that will have to be at the expense of the ANC. That should roughly translate to a 25% boost in the mileage.

Adding another smack-to-the-face to Amazon is the fact that the Wyze Buds Pro come with Amazon’s Alexa AI integrated. Having Qi wireless charging out of the box, and Amazon’s mistress of multitasking onboard really make these some serious competition for the Echo Buds 2.

Pre-orders begin in July

If these sound like the kind of buds that you want to use, pre-orders for the Wyze Buds Pro will begin in July. The company did not give an exact date, but we can expect updates to come out before then. These will definitely be a great budget offering. The timing couldn’t be more inconvenient for Google, as they are soon to launch their Pixel Buds A.



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