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We’ve been putting together PCs for more than a decade and have a vast wealth of knowledge regarding everything you need to be adequately equipped, including a handy set of tools. Here are some of the best toolkits you should consider buying, whether you’re replacing a hard drive or putting together a new build. If you’re wondering how to build your own PC, we’ve also got you covered.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

From the Pros:
iFixit – Pro Tech Toolkit

Staff Pick

The official toolkit from the professionals who document taking apart different products. You’ve got the basics right here, which includes a 64 Bit Driver Kit, anti-static wrist strap, angled ESD tweezers and more.

Jakemy Screwdriver 33 Kit Cropped

All You Need:
Jakemy Precision Screwdriver Set 33 in 1

This basic kit has it all: Magnetic screws, tweezers, thick screwdriver, and hardened 60-65 HRC Chrome Vanadium bits. The chrome finish ensures these tools to last for years to come making it a reliable set for all your D.I.Y needs.

$10 at Amazon

GANGZHIBAO Precision Toolkit

Driving Screws:
GANGZHIBAO Precision Repair Kit

This is the most barebones kit you’ll need. It includes nothing more than an ergonomic screwdriver, numerous tips, and an anti-static strap. It’s also important to note the detachable extension tool tip and bits are magnetized.

From $15 at Amazon

Kaisi 136 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit

Precision Tools:
Kaisi 136 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit

This Kaisi 136-piece screwdriver kit is excellent for PC work, including all the accessories you’d ever need to take apart everything from graphics cards to Apple watch repair. It’s durable case keeps everything clean and organized for future repairs, too.

$21 at Amazon

Cremax Scredriver Set

Cremax Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Don’t need a full kit? No problem! This strong magnetic screwdriver set from Cremax has all of the right tools you need for a PC build and is suitable for a variety of household projects. This also comes with a rugged case to keep everything in place.

$24 at Amazon

Packing your toolbox

The choice of which toolkit is best for you depends on what you need, how much you have available to spend, and how often you’ll take apart hardware. Our recommendation for most PC owners goes to the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit. It’s high-quality, houses plenty of tools, and is available at a budget-friendly price.

Should you want the best of the best, go with the Rosewill 146-piece toolkit. This kit has everything you’ll need to tinker around your best PC cases, including some optional extras like tape, a flashlight, anti-static tag, and more. You’ll need a screwdriver kit to make the process of building your own PC easier.

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