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“This morning, I woke up, reached for my phone, and it wasn’t there,” wrote the Redditor. Her parents had picked her phone and had scrolled through her photos and messages. She yelled at them for almost ten minutes until her mother started crying. She had gone too far. 

Should parents monitor their child’s activities? Because of the internet and smartphones, it’s getting difficult for parents to know what their children are doing. Some parents don’t feel comfortable knowing that their children are exposed to all kinds of content on the internet.

The Redditor’s parents were curious to find out what their daughter was up to. They picked up her phone without her permission and cracked her password. The girl lost her temper when she discovered they were browsing through her photos and messages. 

A Redditor named Thedepressionoftrees posted that she wanted to move out of her parents’ house. She planned on moving into an apartment where she could live alone.

Unfortunately, her mother’s health deteriorated, so she had to stay in the house. After canceling her move-out plan, she spent 5-6 hours every day cleaning the house. 


A few months ago, the OP (Original Poster) decided to reveal her true identity. She came out as a transgender person, but that didn’t sit well with her parents. They humiliated her as much as they could. 

Her parents’ ruthless behavior made her feel terrified. She decided to reach out to her therapist for help. Fortunately, her therapist talked to her parents, and they stopped passing derogatory remarks. 

She also told her friends about her orientation, but they never made her feel bad about it. She loved exchanging memes with them on this topic.

It was an excellent way to cheer up on days when she felt low. Little did she know how these memes were going to affect her life. Someone was about to break through her phone. 

One day, the OP woke up and reached for her phone. To her horror, her phone wasn’t there. She looked for it in her room, but she couldn’t find it. Where is my phone? She wondered.

Everything they said to her when she came out as transgender started to pop up in her mind. She could hear those insults inside her head.

She went outside her room and asked her parents if they had seen her phone. To her surprise, they had her phone with them. “Why do you have my phone?” she asked. 

They replied that they wanted to see if she was consuming content that was against their values. The OP was confused, so she asked them to come to the point. 

They said that the memes in her phone went against their religious values. They prohibited her from sharing such content. The OP was furious when she realized they had cracked her passcode. 

Everything they said to her when she came out as transgender started to pop up in her mind. She could hear those insults inside her head. The Reddit post continued:

“I started screaming about how they were unfit to be parents, how I wish that they had died, how they’d made my life hell for months. How I have trust issues, and PTSD from how they’d treated me as a child.”

The OP felt insulted because her parents spied on her. She screamed at them for almost ten minutes, saying everything that she had in her mind. She wanted them to know how terrible she felt.

Her mother started crying after she yelled at her. She started explaining herself, but the OP told her to stop. After the episode, she felt guilty, so she asked other Redditors if she had gone too far. One of them wrote:

“Your parents (and brother) are clearly [expletive] who have mistreated you and been wildly transphobic. Sorry that you are dealing with this and hoping that you are investigating options for moving out.”

Other users also supported the OP and told her not to fall for her mother’s tears. One of them also told her to move out and let her parents take care of their stuff. Another user asked her an interesting question:

What would you suggest she do? Share this article with your friends to know what they think. If you liked this story, you might like this one about a mother who wished her daughter wasn’t alive. 


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