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Wiser Home Automation Kit Review: One-Stop solution for smart home – PINKVILLA

Technological innovation is the only thing that travels faster than the speed of light. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital technology adoption by several years. The biggest impact of this was seen in how we interact with our homes. Smart Homes since then are becoming a necessity more than ever before. In recent years, we have witnessed several technological trends that are crucial to businesses, such as Generative AI, Data Fabric, Hyperautomation, Decision Intelligence, and many others. Slowly and steadily, these trends are making their way towards the smart home industry.

Schneider Electric is a well-known company that offers a wide range of solutions in the home automation segment. According to the company Wiser by Schneider Electric has the best-in-class features when it comes to home automation. With its zero wiring, it absolutely makes no changes to your existing home. You can have the products including the switches of your desired choice. It simply interlinks all your electricals over the network. And everything can be controlled with just an intuitive app. And yes, it does support Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The company has shared a few units with me and helped me make my home automated. I have used the device for 2 weeks and here I’m with the review of the device. Let’s have a closer look. 

Wiser Home Automation Design

The Wiser home automation comes with a series of relay switches, a fan controller, and a gateway that connects all the relays wirelessly. The design of the wiser home automation devices really doesn’t matter because it goes inside your switchboard, except the gateway which stays out near your Wi-Fi router. The gateway looks premium and impressive with a sleek design and you need to connect one power adapter and ethernet cable. Let’s head to the mechanism. 

Wiser Home Automation: How does it work 

As we mentioned above the home automation kit comes with a series of relays, fan controllers, and gateway which are needed to make your home smart. The installation team will come to your home and make the installation but it’s always good to know how it works and what’s the mechanism behind the automation. 

The professional will connect the relay on your switchboard and with one relay you can control up to 4 devices, be it lights, plugs, fans, and more. These relays will be connected with the gateway before hooking into your switchboards. Once the relays are attached with your respective switchboards and connected with the gateway wirelessly, then you can connect the app with the gateway and control the devices with Alexa or Google Assistant or manually by the app. 

Wiser Home Automation Experience

The Wiser Home Automation has made me way more lazier than before, earlier I use to ask Alexa to switch on and off my lights and smart plugs of specific areas where I have installed smart devices, but now I can control all the non-smart devices as well with a simple command or with the help of the Wiser app. For me, the experience of any app or technology is very important, and Wiser Home Automation has solved all my issues. 

Smart lights and fans are expensive compared to the normal ones and this is the one-stop solution for everything. I’m very much impressed with the device and the app because you can add scenes, modes, sequences for lights that you want to power up automatically depending on the timings. The overall experience of the Wiser Home Automation is really impressive and I must say that the company is offering a great experience at this price point. 


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