Windows 10’s major interface overhaul is coming with the 21H2 update, and more potential work from the ‘Sun Valley’ revamp has been spotted in the form of rounded corners (once again).

By all accounts, the rounding of corners will be one of the major pillars of change in the refreshed desktop due later this year (alongside the introduction of floating menus), with there having been plenty of sightings of various UI elements being rounded.

This theme continues as Windows Latest has spotted apps with windows which have rounded corners. That includes Microsoft Edge with the browser being shown off at the recent Build 2021 conference with this refreshed look in a mock-up – complete with additional space around the minimize/close icons top-right (letting them breathe a little bit more, and helping to promote a less cluttered feel along the top there).

Windows 10 Edge mockup

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The overall look, also seen in Microsoft Teams and Outlook mock-ups, is more modern (and Mac-like) in line with a lot of the changes seemingly underway for Windows 10 – or what might eventually be Windows 11.

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