The upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley update (also known as Windows 10 20H2) looks set to overhaul the way the operating system looks, and that means dropping certain icons that have remained pretty much unchanged since Windows 95.

As WindowsLatest has spotted, as well as the known changes to File Explorer and other apps, Windows 10 Sun Valley update is changing icons found in Shell32.DLL. Some of these icons are for older, or more niche, apps and tools, and include things such as images of floppy disk drives, computer chips and modems, and so they haven’t changed much in the quarter of a century since Windows 95 (how has it been that long!?).

There was a bit of an archaic charm to these icons, even if most people never saw or used them. However, in an early build of Windows 10 20H2, many of the icons have been modernized, with a new, flatter, look that’s also more colorful.

new icons in Windows 10

(Image credit: Windows Latest / Microsoft)

Time for a change



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