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Toyota looks set to bring back the MR2 as an electric sports car, and we think it will be absolutely epic too.

We are firmly in the electric revolution. Car manufacturers all around the world are now converting to electric propulsion, as we realize we need to do more to save the planet. That has led many to bemoan the potential loss of fun, sports cars. But we should not lose all hope. Manufacturers are still committed to sports cars. They will just have a different power source than usual. And we are quite excited about the future of sports cars.

Toyota is one brand we know is working on an electric sports car of the future. Toyota itself plans to launch 30 new EVs by 2030, while it will still explore hydrogen power as part of its future. One thing though we can expect from the brand in the future is an electric MR2. The MR2 was a core part of the Toyota range from 1984 right up until 2007. But it’s not been a part of the Toyota range since. Late in 2021, Toyota unveiled a new Sports EV in a mega announcement about its future. And it looks very much like an electric MR2, which we think will be awesome.

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What We Know About The Electric MR2 So Far

Electric Toyota Lineup Full View
via Toyota

Rumors of a resurrection for the MR2 have been circulating for quite some time now. Those rumors were further fueled with the expertise that Toyota Gazoo Racing has obtained with the GR Yaris and the GR96 of recent years. It is highly likely that this new electric sports car will indeed fall under the Gazoo Racing banner. This would also sure up the future of the Gazoo Racing division, which is most notable for its achievements in endurance racing and rallying.

The new concept we saw has a distinctive mid-engine style to it. Much like the MR2 we last saw in 2007. The proportions of the car were also unusual for a concept. They looked like they could easily get morphed into a production vehicle. Plus, with very little modification needed to alter the car’s appearance. While we have no firm news on this car’s future, that would suggest Toyota is very close to finalizing the shape of the car already. That alone is an exciting prospect. But what we are quite unsure of is the electronic architecture that will sit within this MR2.

What Might Power The Revived MR2?

Electric Toyota MR2 Concept Front Quarter View Mockup
via Toyota

Toyota is doubling down on battery efficiency, and investing heavily on its E-TNGA architecture. The MR2 itself was a rear-drive layout car with fully optimized weight distribution. However, that EV architecture has at the moment is currently only seen on front and rear-wheel drive machines. Based on that, we think that the E-TNGA structure will serve as the basis for a fully dedicated structure for the new sports car. That should allow Gazoo Racing to really work their magic. This being better than simply carry over an existing structure to a car that can’t utilize it properly.

There is no real word yet on the power behind the car. Nor what form exactly the architecture will make. Toyota boss Akio Toyoda though did say when the concept was first revealed that this will be an EV for “car fans who will certainly not be disappointed”. Toyoda himself is a big car enthusiast, and does not approach the work of Toyota with purely a business vision. That much we can see from the GT86, the GR86, the GR Yaris and of course the revived Supra as well. Toyota absolutely knows a thing or two about making a car that we can drive for fun.

Toyota Has An Amazing Track Record

Electric Toyota Lineup Full View With Toyota Boss
via Toyota

It is a track record that very few companies can boast to having. The GR Yaris was unassuming when we first laid our eyes on it, but it turned out to be the absolute revelation of the last couple of years. The GR86 itself is still a fantastic little sports car and the Supra just got even better thanks to the addition of a manual transmission. If Gazoo Racing have their stamp all over this electric MR2, then you can guarantee it will be a winner. Best electric sports car on the market? Its possible.

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A Sports Car That Will Be 100% Awesome

Toyota Lifestyle Concepts
via Toyota

It might be a few years away yet, but an electric MR2 is certainly exciting. Yes, it won’t have an ICE engine, and therefore no roaring noise. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. And the fact Toyota is bringing us a new sports car amidst the electric revolution is still fantastic news. We still have a few years to enjoy the GR Yaris, GR 86 and Supra as well. We see this as a win-win for everyone. We get the MR2 back. We get a new Toyota sports car. And it will show the world that electric cars and indeed be exciting and fun to drive.

Source: Toyota


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