Why Do Drivers Tailgate Sports Cars? – MotorBiscuit

Let’s face it, being tailgated by another car is annoying no matter which car you’re driving. However, for some reason, whenever I drive my 2008 Honda S2000, I feel as though anyone behind me has to ride up on my car’s rear-end with an unknown vendetta. Not only is it annoying, but it’s also very dangerous. So why do drivers like to tailgate small sports cars?

There are a couple of reasons why some drivers tailgate sports cars

A front view of a driver driving an Audi TT.
A front view of a driver driving an Audi TT. | Unsplash

While it might sound weird to call out getting tailgated in a sports car specifically, I’m not alone in my complaint. Many Chevrolet Corvette owners on have the same issue, and those aren’t small cars. There are even Nissan 370Z owners that have had the same issue. And while there may not be a scientific reason that drivers tailgate sports cars or smaller cars in general, there are a few speculative reasons as to why.


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