AMD this week announced it had exceeded its goal to increase energy efficiency 25-fold by 2020.  Called the 25×20 goal, it has been a driving force for the company for most of the last decade and explains why cloud providers like Google have begun to favor AMD processors. 

But the real importance will show up as we move to universal VDI or what I call the emergence of the cloud desktop market and products like Virtual Windows, which have been particularly helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Let’s revisit the benefits of a cloud desktop in the new social-distancing world in which we now live and look at why this milestone is so crucial to both AMD and for all the employees now working from home. 

COVID best practices for the pivot

In reviewing the companies that were best able to deal with the rapid shift to working from home, those that stood out already had a substantial number of remote workers. This result wasn’t only true of corporations; schools and government agencies benefitted as well.

Cisco demonstrated in Italy that regional governments such as Turin were able to pivot almost overnight because they had already been supporting mobile communications and had an existing partnership in place when the pandemic arrived earlier this year. BlackBerry spoke to those in government who had deployed remote communications and management tools to find out what they used to pivot to remote more quickly. Lenovo acquired LanSchool, which created customized programs for remote learning that could be used to make the shift to home-schooling. (Teachers said the tool made them feel less like underequipped babysitters and more like teachers.)

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In each case, the benefits arose from both the existing engagement and tools specifically designed to provide centralized support for a distributed workforce.  That’s why VDI – what I’m calling the cloud desktop – is potentially one of the most powerful tools for a distributed workforce this market has likely ever seen. Ironically, once deployed, it is very reminiscent of the IBM mainframe. I am expecting IBM to eventually pivot to this opportunity as well.

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