Best answer: No, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition doesn’t support disc-based media. The best alternative is the standard Xbox One S, currently priced almost identically to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

What is the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition?

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is Microsoft’s latest addition to the Xbox family, framed as a new entry-level living room device. Built upon the same foundations of the existing Xbox One S, it’s a new, low-cost, disc-less alternative fully embracing digital downloads and streaming. Despite near-identical hardware under the hood, the connected console drops the optical disc drive, passing savings to buyers. In short, the Xbox One S All-Digital trades Xbox One game discs, 4K Blu-ray, and DVD compatibility for a $50 cut on the retail price.

By ditching its internal disc drive, this means the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition can’t play any disc-based media. Microsoft has removed the essential components to read discs, with a fresh, streamlined casing that blocks where the drive used to be. The Xbox One also doesn’t support external disc-drives over USB, making it impossible to regain disc compatibility after purchase.

The best Xbox One for discs

Since the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition won’t support a disc collection, the standard Xbox One S is an ideal alternative. First launched back in 2016, the Xbox One S has been Microsoft’s budget offering for nearly four years. Unlike the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, this device features an optical disc drive, with support for physical disc-based Xbox One games, along with 4K Blu-ray and DVD playback. The Xbox One S is the feature-rich console of the duo, ideal for budget-conscious gamers and media enthusiasts alike.

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Although Microsoft pitches the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition as its cheapest console yet, nearly three years on the market has driven the Xbox One S cost down. The Xbox One S is almost universally priced below its $300 price at third-party retailers, with some high-profile bundles dropping below $200. The Xbox One S bundle at Amazon is an excellent alternative, packing the Xbox One S 1TB console alongside the hit Xbox shooter at a low price.

Get started

Xbox One S

Low-cost gaming (with the disc drive)

Microsoft’s Xbox One S with a disc drive adds that extra value, currently available below $200. It sports thousands of games and 4K media for an affordable price, including your disc-based entertainment.

Jump into digital

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Budget gaming with a price.

Secure your Xbox One S All-Digital Edition; Microsoft’s ambitious disc-less console. It’s the cheapest Xbox One retail price, bundled with a trio of downloadable games.



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