When initially released, smart speakers were a thing of novelty and weren’t actually that helpful as they were once dubbed, however with the rate that technology is rapidly improving, smart speakers have benefitted from this and become an essential within the living space; today we look into which smart speaker is best for you.

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The most popular smart speaker on the market is of course the pioneer in the industry – the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock. Overall, the Echo Dot is the best sounding and most useful smart speaker on the market due to its wide variety of compatibility which can virtually connect to every smart device on the market. The other benefit about this Echo Dot is that it comes with a speaker on the speaker and is therefore another useful string to the bow of the Echo. If we recommend one speaker, it would definitely be the Echo Dot with Clock.

The next smart speaker on the list that we would recommend would be Apple’s version of the smart speaker – the Apple HomePod. As always, Apple were late to the smart speaker industry as they usually take their time with released and attempt to perfect them without bringing them out and the HomePod was well worth the wait. The compatibility of this device alongside other Apple products makes it the perfect smart speakers for Apple enthusiasts due to its very clever and innovative aesthetic.

Online casinos and betting sites have also been able to benefit from the advances in technology like smart speakers as many gambling sites now are mainly remote based and due to this app developers have been working tirelessly to make the apps for the top betting sites not on Gamstop. The bookies have seen this trend enable them to offer some the best markets on the web and with the offers and bonuses that they are offering at the moment it’s definitely worth checking out.

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The final smart speaker in which we would recommend to any homeowner would have to be the JBL Link Portable. This is the only smart speaker on this list that offers for it to be portable due to it being powered by batteries and you’ll find it difficult to find a speaker that is more durable than the JBL. Moreover, and the final thing that we like about the JBL is premium feel that it comes with so you know you are getting a high grade speaker


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