WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp wants to bring self-destructing images to the platform. WhatsApp has been working on some privacy-driven features for a while, and it just added disappearing messages last year.

According to the leaked screenshots, a new button will be added to the image preview window. The users can send the image by taping the button, and it will disappear after the sender leaves the chat page.

Both sender and recipients get a message that says, “This media will disappear, once you leave this chat.” This way, the recipient can’t save the images with a specific expiring time.

This is just a test, and WhatsApp hasn’t revealed any more information about it, but here again, there are some downgrades with that. First, the recipients can take a screenshot from the image and easily store it. So in the very first step, the concept of self-destructing images loses its meaning. Second, if the recipient takes a screenshot of the image, the the sender receives no notification or warning.

Of course, WhatsApp has forbidden the exporting of self-destructing images, but there are some red flags, as mentioned, which cause this feature to lose its original use.

WhatsApp has added some good security features, including fingerprint security and using passwords for protecting backups. Self-destructing image features have serious drawbacks, and we hope WhatsApp reconsiders some aspects, like taking screenshots.

This feature is similar to the disappearing messages on WhatsApp and disappearing photos on Instagram Directs. In both of these cases, the sent messages and photos will be removed after a specific time.

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WhatsApp could easily add a screenshot warning

The people who use self-destructing images want to share sensitive information or a private photo or video. They could send these with the same conventional method.

But when they are using a self-destructing feature, it means they don’t want the recipient to store the content. While the recipient can easily take a screenshot without anyone realizing it, what’s the point of self-destructing images? WhatsApp could easily add a screenshot warning to protect the privacy of the sent information.

Users are worried about WhatsApp privacy

WhatsApp has been so selfish about the users’ privacy in recent months. Everything started from the plans for sharing data with Facebook. Although WhatsApp announced it would delay the plans, it eventually removed the mask of respecting privacy. According to the newest warning, users must consent to the new privacy rule and share their data with Facebook. Otherwise, they will lose their account.



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