When it comes to online payments and credit card processing, retailers in the EU have been granted a reprieve. The European Union’s Revised Payment Services Directive, known in short as PSD2, extended its deadline for compliance to March 2021, leaving it up to retailers and banks to remain secure while legislation is left in limbo. And yet, a deadline extension does not mean companies can rest on their laurels. Consumers, governments, and developers expect banks and other services to be compliance-ready, ideally before the March 2021 deadline.

About the author

Subho Halder is the co-Founder and CTO at Appknox.

More importantly, hackers are aware of this gap in vulnerability. The PSD2 regulations are meant to increase competition and offer more consumer choice, however they also provide added security for vital banking details. Leaving this information undersecured provides a risky inroad for criminals. Let’s take a look at where we are today with these standards, and how companies involved with ecommerce can implement SecDevOps best practices into their PSD2 compliance.

1: The state of the APIs



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