Potomac Local News President Publisher Uriah Kiser

We’re now able to post content from our website to Facebook for the first time since August.

For a reason unknown to us, we had to adjust a setting on our server in order for Facebook to accept our content once again. We’re glad to have our content back on the social media platform where it can be viewed and shared.

I’m grateful for the help I received from the Center For Cooperative Media, as well as the assistance from our web management firm, Web Publisher Pro, to help us solve this issue.

Prior to our hiatus, posts appeared on our Facebook page automatically.  As we move forward, we’ll begin posting new content to Facebook slowly and gauge what type of content is performing best.

In other news, I’ve reduced the number of links that appear in our weekday evening news email. This was an effort to reduce redundancy, as any of the articles are repeats from previous days.

Our news emails are one of the most popular ways for our readers to access our content, so it’s very important to me that our news emails provide a convenient, effective, and informative user experience.

Our news email subscription list has grown 300% since April, now reaching more than 14,000 users who have signed up to receive our news.

And finally, as we approach the end of the year, many businesses are approaching and asking for advertising information as they plan their advertising budgets for 2021. We’re putting the finishing touches on our new media kit, which hasn’t been updated since 2019, and we expect it will include a larger focus on reaching our audience via email.

Thank you to our advertisers and paid subscribers who support our work. If you haven’t already subscribed, click this link and subscribe today. As always, feel free to comment below or sent me an email to let me know what you think of our service.


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