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Ways to Be Social While Staying at Home During a Coronavirus Lockdown

Ways to Be Social While Staying at Home During a Coronavirus Lockdown

Despite the gradual reopening of many industries in countries that have been on lockdown due to the coronavirus threat, staying at home is still a priority for many. The use of self-isolation to reduce the risk of virus transmission has been an important tool in stopping the pandemic — but that same self-isolation has led people to become more than a little deprived of social interaction. Video platforms and social media have stepped in to fill the void; while some gatherings can’t be re-created virtually, many can. If you’re still staying at home and avoiding most public places, you can still have a social life if you look in the right places.

Socializing and the Risk of Exposure to the Novel Coronavirus

First, keep in mind why you’re not socializing outside of your home; transmission of the virus is sneaky, many people who have the virus don’t realize it, and people who are infected but asymptomatic can spread the virus to a lot of others. Singing and other activities that involve anything to do with breath and lung volume can increase the risk of transmission. It really pays to look for ways to socialize online right now, so don’t give up if you just can’t think of a way to get satisfying social interaction without doing something in person with a group of people.

Zoom and Other Videoconferencing Platforms for Meetings and Groups

Using Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms has been the big trend over the past couple of months, and for good reason. These platforms allow you to “meet” with people all over the world at any time of day or night. The platforms also have different formats in which you can set up livestreams that others can view only, conference calls in which everyone can participate, and more.

If you want to socialize, the Zoom (or other platform) party is the best place to start. Invite friends, set up a time, and meet together online. You can have a specific reason for the party; for example, a long birthday party that people can join and leave as they need to is one option, or a party where everyone plays specific games is another. Or, you can have absolutely no reason other than just chatting and seeing the faces of family and friends.

These platforms also allow you to set up classes in almost every field, from language learning to yoga. Support groups can use these platforms, too, as can book clubs or even groups getting together to read articles about how a company like Lottoland looks at the life of your sofa. In other words, anything that does not require you to physically touch all of your classmates or friends can be moved online.

Movie Viewing Parties

Some movie streaming services have created special apps that allow a group of people in different locations to watch the same movie and make comments, either through chat or video. If you’re used to going out to see movies with friends, this is a perfect way to still meet up and discuss the latest films to be released. Yes, you’re all in separate homes, but that’s really the only difference.

Music Groups and Dance Parties

Using a videoconferencing platform also allows you and your friends to set up dance parties and music jam sessions from home. These can seem kind of odd at first; you and your partner dancing at home while your friends dance in theirs does not sound very social. But these do allow all of you to connect, even if you don’t have the crowds of a club surrounding you.

People have come up with creative ways to stay social while staying at home, especially with the availability of online platforms. No matter what you like to do, you can find a multitude of ways to meet up with other people from your home.

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