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2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg had a hilarious confrontation with a savior who turned out to be a Lewis Hamilton fan instead. This all took place while Rosberg was out on the roads of Monaco.

Monaco is definitely Nico Rosberg’s home with the bunch of vlogs he posts on social media. His latest one however turned had some breaking issues which also broke the world champion’s heart just a little.

The German driver was reviewing his own Rimac Nevera. Four months ago, he reviewed the car and it turned out to be his most-awaited dream hypercar as this video title suggests.

Nico Rosberg’s all-new 2022 EV Rimac Nevera

Nico Rosberg’s new Rimac Nevera is a beast in its own right. It is an all-electric car and the fastest electric car available in the market currently for purchase.

Crafted by Croatia’s own Rimac, it is one of a kind with a speed of 0-100 kph in 1.5 seconds. Moreover, its 1877 horsepower is of maximum power with a speed of 258 mph.

Nevera is a big leap for the electronic cars industry and Nico Rosberg is a supporter of it. He is an entrepreneur with startup investments and a speaker for the sustainable environmental future.

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The person who helped Nico Rosberg names Lewis Hamilton, was his favorite F1 driver

Nico Rosberg’s vlogs are interesting as he shares about the car, and his experience while driving it. However, this vlog took a halt in a corner of Monaco instead.

The 2016 World Champion accidentally turned on the parking brakes of the car. He had no time to figure out how to go about it as he had to rush to his daughter’s Christmas party.

Luckily, Stephan helped Rosberg drop him at his house. While on their way, out of curiosity, the 2016 world champion asked his savior of the day about his favorite F1 driver.

Stephan was quick to answer that it was Lewis Hamilton. Later, he did explain just so that Rosberg does not feel bad probably that he likes Mercedes and supports every driver of the team.

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