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A VIDEO of an autonomous electric car with no driver has gone viral on social media.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by @WalkerATX and has had thousands of views.

Autonomous electric car with no driver gets confused and barrels down a cycle


Autonomous electric car with no driver gets confused and barrels down a cycleCredit: Twitter @WalkerATX

The footage shows a car with no driver barreling down a cycle line in Austin, Texas.

The autonomous vehicle owned by driverless car firm Cruise takes a wide left turn and drives into the bike lane within just a few metres of the curb.

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Austin, Texas, is just one of the cities in the US with Cruise autonomous vehicles on its roads.

It was shot by cyclist Robert Foster while riding near the autonomous vehicle on his commute home.

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Speaking to KXAN News, Foster said: “They’re driving like a lot of maybe less experienced drivers in Austin drive when they take a left turn, they just do it extremely wide, not realising that’s both illegal and very unsafe,”

“There is no way a bike could have safely been in the bike lane next to it.

“I mean, I hadn’t seen anything nearly that bad from the [Cruise AV] cars up to that point when they had humans in them or humans directing [the cars].”

Cruise released its own statement after several media outlets covered the story.

It said: “Safety is Cruise’s top priority, not just for our passengers but for everyone we share the road with.

“Our technology is always improving and we’re reviewing our lane mapping in that area.”

Users were quick to comment on the video on Twitter.

One said: “How is it even allowed on the road without a driver to take back control if it all starts to go tits up?”

Another said: “What is the point with no one in it?”

A third pointed out: “Reason number 4,028 why we need protected bike lanes everywhere.

“Paint protects no one.”

The video has had 14,700 views and hundreds of comments on Twitter


The video has had 14,700 views and hundreds of comments on TwitterCredit: Twitter @WalkerATX


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