Waiting for the Huawei P50 series global launch? It’s going to be a while.

HUAWEI P50 Series Keynote image 2


  • Huawei has confirmed that the P50 series will only launch globally early next year.
  • The company didn’t give a specific reason for the delay.

Huawei launched the P50 series of flagships in China earlier this year, but the company has taken its time to provide global launch details. Now, the firm has issued more information, and it looks like we’re in for a long wait.

The company told media during the Huawei Nova 9 briefing that the P50 family would only launch globally next year. A representative said in response to an Android Authority question that the phones would launch “at the beginning of next year.”

Still, this delay means Huawei is pushing its P50 series closer to the P60 launch window — if the company is indeed planning a P60 launch next year. But even without a P60 series release, the delay means that the P50 series will be going up against next-generation flagships with brand-new chipsets and capabilities.

Then again, Huawei has seen sliding market share since 2019 due to the US trade ban and the lack of Google support. So it’s not like the P50 series is expected to duke it out with Samsung and Xiaomi flagships in global markets. But it still comes as a disappointment to the few smartphone buyers willing to look past the missing Google integration.


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