Volvo has never been cooler than right now. As a company, it appears to be in great shape and turning a profit. There are some great cars in the current model range with more to come plus big plans for electrification and, yes, even more safety features. Volvo has also pledged to end road deaths in any of its cars this year, so 2020 is a big deal, and the imminent arrival of the new all-electric XC40 Recharge SUV is getting the ball rolling. 

TechRadar visited Volvo Cars HQ recently, on the outskirts of Gothenburg and there was plenty to see. As you’d expect, there was much about safety, and quite a lot about electrification, but there was also the sort of Scandinavian quirkiness that makes the Swedish brand so appealing to many car buyers. Where else, for example, would you find a new car with an indicator sound derived from a twig breaking?

Volvo XC40 Recharge

(Image credit: Volvo)

Jan Ivarsson, senior technical safety advisor, is something of a Volvo veteran having been with the company for over 35 years. Safety has, of course, always been a big part of the Volvo brand, but with electrification comes new challenges. It made the perfect place to start. Volvo, he told us, is pushing ahead with plans to make its electric cars safer than ever, despite the slightly different issues it presents them with.

A guiding hand



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