Volvo C40 Recharge

But, where range is concerned at least, more is definitely more, which is one reason to buy the swoopier model. Unfortunately for Volvo, several of the C40’s rivals offer more battery capacity for similar money and would more dependably carry you 200 miles and farther between charges, whatever your route and the prevailing weather.

On the road, the C40 drives with plenty of accessible acceleration. It doesn’t feel hyper-sensitive to throttle inputs, nor does it flood its front wheels with so much torque as to trouble the traction control very often, or bring on much steering corruption. It’s easy to drive and assured of character. Even around the national speed limit, though, it has decent overtaking urge, and at low speeds, while regenerative braking and pedal feel can be a bit inconsistent, it’s not a hard car to drive smoothly.

Grip, agility and body control combine to conjure the air of maturity and moderation you’d expect of a Volvo and ride comfort is typically good, with plenty of suppleness out of town and just a little gentle pitching and wallowing out of it, and some surface roar from the 19in wheels on coarser surfaces.

Second-row passenger space is a little below the class average but still sufficient for growing kids or smaller adults. Rear visbility is somewhat compromised, especially for taller drivers, who’ll find they need to duck their head a little to get a useful view out of the rearview mirror. But the C40’s boot is a good size and well furnished with carrying hooks and the like. Material cabin quality feels quite high and the car’s digital technology is clearly presented, simple in theme and easy enough to navigate.


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