Ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio monitors are typically associated with gaming and media consumption. Having fun and other frivolous activities, you could argue. But Viewsonic’s VG series of screens are unambiguous workhorses designed for optimal productivity. That applies even to the Viewsonic VG3448, an ultrawide 34 incher for office and home office applications.

Star ratings

Overall: 3.5

Design: 4

Features: 3

Performance: 4

Usability: 4

Value: 3

In many regards,the VG3448 is similar to more familiar leisure orientated ultrawide screens. It sports 3,440 by 1,440 pixels, for instance. But it’s flat rather than curved, runs at just 60Hz and conspicuously lacks frills such as HDR support or LED mood lighting.

So far, so sensible. However, the VG3448 lacks some features that would be desirable in a professional environment, the most obvious of which is USB Type-C connectivity. Whether those omissions are enough to undermine its overall proposition as a productivity tool is what we’re here to find out.

Viewsonic VG3448 1

(Image credit: Viewsonic )

Price and availability

With current pricing around $499 in the US and £520 in the UK, there are some unflattering comparisons that can be made with largely similar monitors like the Philips 346B1C. The Philips matches the Viewsonic VG3448 in many regards but adds USB-C. And all for about the same price. That said, if you don’t want USB-C then the contest becomes much more finely balanced.

Viewsonic VG3448 2

(Image credit: Viewsonic)

Design and features


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