A new video hitting YouTube over the weekend gives us a fairly decent look at LG’s upcoming Velvet smartphone.

The short clip doesn’t give us any real hardware specifications, but does indicate it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G processor. Given this, we know it will have support for 5G networks, something we imagine most new phones at the mid/upper level have in 2020.

LG has been slow-dripping the tease for its forthcoming phone, mostly emphasizing the design. It’s likely for good reason as even if the LG Velvet happens to be a mid-range by comparison, it will still have more than enough performance to go around.

What do we learn from the clip design-wise? LG is leaning heavily into the pearlescent and gradient finish for the back of its phone, that’s for sure. And while the black and white look pretty snazzy, that red/orange one really gets our attention.

With a few more weeks to go before the rumored introduction, we could be treated to a number of additional leaks, formal and informal.

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