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Video games have been around for decades now but only a few of them have actually managed to change the industry. However, these revolutionary video games still inspire games to this day and for good reason. Take a look at some games which changed the games industry.

Pong (1975)

Although it’s slightly murky, Pong is thought to be one of the first arcade video games. Developed by Atari, the game was a huge commercial success, so much so that Atari eventually released the Home Pong console which plugged into a television – making it the very first home console available. This effectively kicked off the entire games industry which has grown exponentially since then.

Resident Evil (1996) & Resident Evil 4 (2005)

We’ve got to mention Resident Evil video games here. The first game in the series, Resident Evil, released in 1996 and helped popularise survival horror video games. It was one of the first to force players to juggle health items, weapons, and ammunition by limiting the number of items that could be carried. It’s sequel Resident Evil 4, which released in 2005, and is credited for introducing third-person shooting mechanics which is featured in most video games released today.

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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Capcom’s seventh instalment in the Final Fantasy series is regarded as one of the best in the series and has contributed to the games industry considerably. Despite its cute animations and characters, the video game touched on sensitive subject matters like death, and it wasn’t afraid of pushing boundaries with its deep storyline, in-depth characters, and famous sequences. It’s so influential it’s helped inspire modern-day RPG mechanics used today and it was so successful that Capcom released a remake earlier this year which also earned rave reviews.

BioShock (2007)

BioShock released in 2007 and is regarded for offering an innovative take on the first-person shooter genre by combining unique game mechanics with a strong and in-depth storyline. The game featured moral choices of saving or killing characters, borrowed survival horror elements from the Resident Evil series, and included dark, mysterious, and horrifying environments. BioShock rejuvenated the first-person shooter genre and remains a classic to this day.

The Last Of Us (2013)

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us is an action-adventure video game that received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Although there were others before it like Final Fantasy XII, The Last Of Us is credited for pushing game developers to create tightly-written storylines and characters. The game didn’t push boundaries mechanically but is regularly praised for its gripping and emotional storyline which takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the world is ravaged by the real-life Cordyceps fungus which turns humans rabid and violent. Naughty Dog is set to release a highly-anticipated sequel this year.

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These are just some of the many video games that helped revolutionize the gaming industry, whether through its gameplay, storyline, or other elements. With a new console on the horizon and an entirely new generation of games, we can expect more of this to come.


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