As is fairly typical of Twitter, especially in this time of social distancing thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, folks have piled on a simple question to create a typhoon of responses to what is just begging to be answered: what’s your most controversial video game opinion? And gamers, be they professional developers or fans or journalists or anything else, are nothing if not opinionated, so there’s been answers ranging the gamut from “X is overrated” to genuinely nuanced hot takes.

Things initially kicked off this time when Rainbow Six esports commentator Parker “Interro” Mackay posed the following question over on Twitter:

Ever since, folks have been sharing their own controversial opinions about video games, piggybacking off of Mackay’s question. Mackay even shared some of his own opinions, and went on to expand on them, but they are overall representative of the sort of things others are saying online as well:

Some common opinions seem to be that folks that really understand the mechanics at work that form the basis of their complaints, for example. “X is broken,” the thought seems to be, is really just another way of saying, “X wasn’t made for me,” or some version of that. Multiplayer frustration also seems to be another regular in the responses, with folks generally seeming to believe that how onboarding and harassment and more are handled in multiplayer just isn’t done well for the most part.

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What do you think of what has been shared online? Do you have any controversial opinions about video games? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!

Keep reading to see what controversial hot takes folks are sharing online about video games!



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