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The wallpaper that is jinxed

Picturesque and soothing wallpapers for a smartphone can never go wrong. When in doubt, such images can prove to be quite a view when you use your smartphone or unlock it. However, there is one such image with the perfect view that doesn’t bring perfect news for Android smartphones. Read on to know what the image is about and why you should avoid it.

Wallpaper can brick your smartphone

A seemingly pretty image is making rounds on social media but doesn’t really perform a pretty task. The image is all about a beautiful sunset, hills, lake, and all the greenery one can ask for. But you need to avoid it completely.

According to a popular tipster Ice Universe, the picture, if used as a wallpaper on an Android smartphone will cause the device to crash and unable to reboot. This is currently happening for Android smartphones such as Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, Xiaomi, with Samsung being one of the most vulnerable smartphones.

A Reddit user has suggested that the reason the image crashes an Android device is due to the colour profile issue. The picture has an embedded colour profile that is allegedly embedded to brick the system.

However, there is one solution to this issue; if you come across the image and want to set it as wallpaper, just remove its colour profile. This can be done by either taking a screenshot of the image or editing it to hinder its colour profile so that it doesn’t crash the smartphone.

For those who don’t know, back in 2018, a similar issue appeared on the Google issue tracker. However, the developers couldn’t reproduce the issue and stopped looking into it. Since the flaw is affecting many users, we hope a security update is released soon to fix this. Additionally, if you see this wallpaper, it’s best advised to avoid it.

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