In 2015, it was estimated that poachers in South Africa killed one rhino every 8 hours. This equated to 3 rhinos a day, and resulted in devastating impacts on the nation’s wildlife population. Since then, the country has made ongoing improvements to its conservation efforts, however the situation remains critical. 80% of the world’s rhinos live in South Africa, and today, one rhino is still killed every 15 hours by poachers. While this is a step up from 2015’s figures, it’s clear that there’s more work to be done. With rhino population numbers continually decreasing due to poaching, rhinos run the risk of becoming extinct by 2025.

On hearing these numbers back in 2015, NTT Ltd. teamed up with Cisco to join the battle against poachers and launch Connected Conservation. The initiative uses smart technology solutions, such as sensors and thermal cameras, to proactively track the movement of people.



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