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With the new Apple M1 chip that the new MacBook Pros come with, you can download and run all your iPhone apps on it. That’s so cool, but for the rest of you guys using older MacBooks, you won’t be able to do it. Too bad!!

But wait!! You can use the Screen Mirroring option on your iPhone to run all your favorite apps. On the older Macs, first make sure that you upgraded to the new Monterey Operating System and to iOS 15.1on the iPhone. After that, here is how you do it… and it’s so simple.

Ready to get blown away? I have a MacBook Pro, so first I turn on my iPhone and then my MacBook Pro. On the iPhone, swipe down from the right top corner. That opens up the Control Center. Click on the two rectangles, and it opens up Screen Mirroring. A list appears, and if you see your laptop listed, click on it.

WOW! Your iPhone screen now appears on the laptop screen. Go ahead and open up any iPhone app that appears on your MacBook Pro screen. Can you believe it? Every app you bought now works on your laptop. To stop, click on “Stop Mirroring.”

Split screen is something I use every day on my iMac. It gives me the option to have two programs equally split at the same time on my screen. It’s so easy to do.

Just open up two programs or apps. Once both are on the desktop, you can split screen starting with the app on the left. Hold down on the green button on the top lefthand corner. Click on “Tile windows to the left of the screen” — it instantly moves to the left side. Now for the app on the right side, just click your mouse anywhere on it, and it instantly resizes and moves to the right. Both screens are now even. The divider line has a small white line that your mouse can use to adjust the sizes of both screens.

If you see some foreign language in Safari or Facebook, you can hold down and move your mouse over the text to select it, and then right-click your mouse and choose Translate.

In System Preferences is the “Key” icon for Passwords, which you can now export passwords to text. Now you can keep a copy of your passwords on paper.

Focus Mode, which is new, can be used to turn off phone messages at night. It will share on all devices.

Auto Call is the new feature that lets you call emergency services. You can now press the side button rapidly multiple times to initiate it or hold down the side button and the volume button together.

Here is a fast way to display your vaccination card to any restaurant. Open up Notes on your iPhone and click on the Camera icon. Take a scan of your card, and it places a photo of it in your Notes App. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through a complex series of opening up the site, filling in all your information, adding it to your Health App on the iPhone, then transferring it to your Wallet App on the iPhone. I did it, and after one frustrating hour, I finally got it. Thanks, Gov Ige.

Now you can change the pointer size of your mouse or track pad on the Mac. Go to System Preferences, Accessibility, Display, Pointer and change the size and color. When you’re about to run out of battery on the iPhone, go to Settings, Battery and click on Low Power Mode.

Here is something that you might use. It’s called Quick Notes. Let’s open up Safari and go to Happy Valley Used Beds. If you see a bed you like with all the cool options, you can swipe your mouse over the text to select it, then right-click. A menu pops up and allows you to choose New Quick Notes. That copies what you selected and places it in the Notes App. So go ahead and buy that used bed for $15.34.

On the iPad, if you swipe up from the bottom right, it opens up Quick Notes.

Live text is a feature that lets you capture text using your camera and the Notes App. It’s something really cool to do, so let’s try it out. Open up the Notes App on your iPhone and create a note.Tap anywhere on the screen. You’ll see a black menu pop up with a square box with three lines in it. Tap on the square box and your camera pops up. Swipe up on the tiny white line to get the full camera effect.

Now comes the fun part. Place your camera over the text of a magazine and press “Insert.” The text instantly appears in your Notes. Really cool!

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