Probably the most talked-about tech innovation of the last two years is 5G. Not only has the topic of new and improved wireless technology been the main topic of discussion between tech enthusiasts, but some of the world’s most pressing conflicts and disagreements have also been caused by 5G. What might strike you as a very basic update is actually a gateway to a whole new experience of mobile data? It is one of the most practical innovations we’ve seen in a while and promises an improved service that will allow us to enjoy our data at almost 100 times faster.

The source of conflict is not necessarily the technology itself, more so it is caused by how much you can actually do with it. The main culprit in the two-year ongoing tension between China and the U.S started because of this. When the U.S first accused China of using its technology to spy on the U.S citizens and bending the law China denied all of it. These allegations first came around in the late 1990s and haven’t stopped ever since. When China announced that it was working on 5G with Huawei’s the U.S knew they couldn’t allow any mistakes with this technology.

The U.S trying to catch up

For the aforementioned reasons, technology has become of international concern and why so many companies in the U.S are working hard to recreate it as to not miss out on the innovation.

When it comes to 5G the possibilities are too much to give up for most countries. Not only does it offer better, smoother coverage but it is, as mentioned above, 100 times faster, which means that you will be able to access content that was too much for the 4G technology. This is great for those who love to watch either live streams or participate in different online games that require a very fast internet. This is great for those participating in high-risk activities that require your attention immediately, that’s why the forex brokers operating on mobile as well are equally enthusiastic about this innovation. It has become a very sought-after technology so even close partners of the state like Canada, are now considering allowing Huawei to operate in their countries so they can have access to this technology. Britain already made this decision and has allowed Huawei coverage in only certain parts of the country. Meanwhile, the U.S can’t afford to allow Huawei into its own territory so the big tech along with local tech professionals trying to come up with a matching technology to prove that they still have a technological edge and will not be falling behind China any time soon.

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The U.S is working hard to create an equivalent, US-made technology that will compete with Huawei and replace it in all countries that are already working with the Chinese telecommunications giant. 

Clearing the U.S, from foreign providers

Not only does America stay away from China’s technology because of the paying allegations but the U.S wants to have the technology that was developed locally and was designed specifically to match the American standard. This will also touch other providers like Nokia and Ericsson who also have a lot of presence in the states.

This technology is an essential next step for mobile phones and if one of the leaders of the world couldn’t keep up with the technological advances it could damage its reputation.

U.S tech giants like Dell and Microsoft are working to develop the technology that will combine 5G and cloud capabilities that will replace a lot of existing providers and the U.S hopes to regain control of its tech market this way. The White House is ready to provide all the necessary funding to accelerate the tech development which will naturally make the whole process faster.

When it comes to the technological edge U.S and China have an ongoing competition with each other, and China definitely pushed some of America’s buttons with offering its 5G technology to its partners like Canada, Britain, France, and Germany. When it comes to regaining power by working on the next best wireless technology the U.S definitely has the resources to do that but whether it will be able to replace Huawei’s’ technology in other markets is questionable.

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5G right now has no other competitor and offers the services that you can’t get anywhere else.

This is why it’s so important for all countries to keep up with each other when it comes to technology that makes everyday life much more convenient. China has gained a lot of advantages by rolling out 5G and getting other countries to allow its service as well. People who are already using it, respond especially well to their fast download and upload speed. Another perk and the one that is probably most valuable for different governments is that it allows for far more devices to access the mobile internet at the same time, which will come in handy in times of high traffic. 5G can even process virtual reality, augmented reality along with high-quality videos with impressive speed and the full potential of this technology hasn’t even been explored yet. Along with making traffic maps more accurate and convenient, they will likely be nearly mistake-proof allowing no room for glitches, unlike its predecessors, the 4G which is still the most commonly used data.

Future of the mobile data

All in all, 5G is the standard of the future so it is in every strong country’s interest to get access to it as soon as possible. The tech professionals keep working on it to explore other possibilities, but a new industry standard has already been set, and whether the U.S likes it or not the innovation does belong to China. It is difficult to imagine that a two-year-long trade war and international tensions could be boiled down to the mobile data, but the importance of this technology cannot be underestimated.

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