We’ve all seen the video of the man chasing his dog in a field shouting Fenton so if you have a dog that sometimes likes to slip the leash to go chasing, then perhaps Vodafone UK’s V-Pet Tracker device will give you some peace of mind. Able to track your adventurous furball’s location via an app on your mobile phone, the V-Pet Tracker also offers an insight into your pet’s health and well-being.

Update: To celebrate National Pet Day on 11th April 2020 and to keep the UK connected to the things they love, Vodafone is offering customers a V-Pet Tracker for just £75 (including a 12-month subscription) – when purchased online from 9th – 16th April 2020. Once the year-long subscription has finished a $4 monthly fee will be charged.

V-Pet Tracker features a Live Tracking function that will update you on your pet’s location every three seconds, if you stop using the tracker for more than 5 minutes, it turns itself off to avoid draining the battery. The tracking device also monitors everything your pet does – from walking and running to sleeping and eating – giving you a daily overview of calories burned based on their breed via the dashboard in the app. The Safe Zone and Virtual Leash features also alert you if your pet moves out of Bluetooth or WiFi range.

The V-Pet Tracker is IP67 waterproof, has 10-days of battery life, and also features a useful LED light that you can activate from the app so that you can see where Fido is in darkness or low-light conditions.

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Priced at £99.50, the V-Pet Tracker comes with a twelve-month subscription V-SIM plan, after which there is a £4 a month charge.

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