Over the past few months, we’ve seen Huawei pour resources into developing the AppGallery so that it can better fill in for the absence of Google’s Play Store. Fast on the heels of Deezer, Premier League app, and Here WeGo, the Bolt ride-sharing service has brought its app to Huawei’s storefront, giving users the ability to hail affordable transport in Europe.

Much like Uber, Bolt simply requires you to create a profile on the app and link it to a bank card, after which you can hail a ride or rent an electric scooter by using the app.

  • See the ride price upfront, and know how much you will pay
  • The app helps to set your pickup location even if you don’t know the exact address
  • You can rate your driver to give feedback and help us improve the service quality
  • Add your credit card and never worry about carrying cash again. We’ll email you the receipt after every trip

The “European Uber”, as Bolt is referred to, brings affordable ride-sharing and electric scooter rentals to millions of Huawei users in Europe and beyond. Bolt is also set to expand its UberEats-like food delivery service after raising $109 million.

You can download the Bolt app from Huawei’s AppGallery via the link we’ve embedded below

Download it Now: Bolt (AppGallery Link)

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